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Delaware EARNS Program: Employer Information

The State of Delaware has been doing research regarding retirement savings by individuals within Delaware and found that nearly 150,000 workers do not have access to a qualified retirement savings plan through their work.

Delaware Office of the State Treasurer has created the Delaware EARNS program set to go live as of July 1, 2024. This program's purpose is to:

  1. Provide a pathway to economic security in retirement for employees

  2. Let employers offer a competitive benefit at no cost

  3. Save taxpayers money in the future

This is a MANDATORY program for all Delaware employers who:

  • Employ 5 or more W-2 workers (includes Full-Time and Part-Time)

  • Does NOT currently offer a qualified retirement plan to their employees

  • Has been in business for at least 6 months

Employers have until October 15, 2024 to register their business on Home - Delaware EARNS ( or submit your certificate of exemption. Employers who do not comply can face up to $5,000 in penalties annually.

Letters and emails will be sent out beginning the second week of July (July 8, 2024) to employers providing them with their Access Code. Employers are welcome to register prior to receiving the letter by clicking Look Up Access Code. Follow this link for instructions on How to Set Up Your EARNS Employer Account (

After registering your business, employers are then responsible for reporting employee information through the Delaware EARNS Portal. Employees will then be contacted directly by Vestwell, the program administrator, to set-up their account and give them more information on the program. Employers are then responsible for setting up and sending the payroll contributions each pay period, as well as keep up maintenance of employee records.

Follow this link Inviting Other Administrative Users – Delaware Earns ( you will find the instructions on Inviting Other Administrative Users so that you can allow your accountant or payroll provider access to help administer your company information, employee list, or payroll activities.

We also have an article for employees to find the links and information they need regarding the Delaware EARNS Program and what if means for them.

Email template created by Delaware EARNS for employers to send out to their employees informing them of this program (Not Required to Send Email): clwhxej3bhbc50jld8p5s15x8-deearns-ee-contributions-reminder-email.docx (

Important Links Regarding the Delaware EARNS Program for Employers:


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